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whyyallgagging asked:

Is it true you're working on a comic with Class Comics? I always wanted to you release a full comic one day, I LOVE your work! Truly amazing <3 Can't wait

yup, it is true.

I will begin postin some samples here and blogspot!

I think you guys will be very satisfied, cuz it was wrote by Eric Arvin, the same guy who wrote the Kid Christmas tales!

xoxo-littlewolf asked:

I really like of your drawing style. Do you have some tips to someone who wanna learn to draw muscle guys?

sure thing!

I guess start by learning some basic anatomy. You don´t need to know how every muscle work, just the basic bone structure and proportion. Then just study the kind of body you´d like to draw, fit, thick, bodybuilder etc and how to make it fit to that bone structure

I recommend Sycra´s channel in youtube, it´s got some pretty good tutorials on anatomy

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