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Anonymous asked:

What're Rycel's body measurements (like height, weight, bust-waist-hips, penis length, etc.)?

ok, here goes…

height: 6.05 ftweight: 235 lb
chest: 50 in
waist: 26
Hips: 47
Cock: 7.5 in

Feel free to ask any other question!



Anonymous asked:

When-ish does your thing with Class Comics happen? I'm super excited to see it! :D

very soon I hope! Right now it´s on stand by…

Meanwhile,  I´m soon to release a short dirty story, I will post some samples here very soon!


Anonymous asked:

I'd love another Rycel comic, but this time a fourway with Rycel, the stud guy from the first comic, and his two stud friends. That'd be hot.


Sounds great for a sequel!

myalexmarte asked:

hello really like your blog. Got to know about it from ''Storjocke''( HUGE fan of his and his amazing butt). Keep up the gr8 drawings and hope they are many more to cum;)

Thank you!

Being a fan of storjocke as well, it´s great to get a referal from him!

Be sure I´ll keep posting more muscle men an muscle asses!

whyyallgagging asked:

Is it true you're working on a comic with Class Comics? I always wanted to you release a full comic one day, I LOVE your work! Truly amazing <3 Can't wait

yup, it is true.

I will begin postin some samples here and blogspot!

I think you guys will be very satisfied, cuz it was wrote by Eric Arvin, the same guy who wrote the Kid Christmas tales!

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