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Anonymous asked:

Does the guy who fucked Rucel have measurements too? What about his friends? Do they have names too?

Yeah, the guy who fucks Rycel is James

His measures are:

5´8  height45 chest
28 waist
9 cock

I really didn´t thought on his buddies´ measures  though, but their names are Dustin and Brett


Anonymous asked:

Seeing as Rycel has (super hot) measurements, what about Vahn?

well, being Vahn younger than Rycel, he´d be somehow like this

height: 5.11 ft
chest: 46 in
waist: 25
Hips: 45
Cock: 9 in

He´s less voluptuous than Ry, however since he´s a vers, makes sense he´s got a bigger dick!

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